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Another Potrait Illustration

We created this project, in order to fulfill our responsibility as individual who are part of social community.

There are many bitter sweet experiences in education world that we have been through. Historically, intellectuals are created in educational institution as a contributor and take part in order to establish a good system of social life, at least in their immediate surroundings. But, we don’t just leave knowledge that we have learned, because those knowledge shaped our identity. We are young, we are fresh, original, and excited. Those emotions are formed into a desire to do something that we believe is an action with great value.

“Another great days that you should know” project is presenting combination of media ilustration information and unique, peaceful naration. But there is a value of a great day that become a sign or trigger in shaping mindset to act in society. Believe, it will work.

Why illustration?

Because illustration is  more than a picture that tell stories; since then they believe illustration can also be seen as a representation of human thoughts, a foundation of an invention, and statement of act (Kancata Illustration Studio).

Jackie Chan's 62th Birthday


Benyamin Sueb's 77th Birthday


Piet Mondrian's 144th Birthday


Usmar Ismail's 95th Birthday


Arizal's 73th Birthday