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Anur Hadžiomerspahić Fake Art

The development of artistic messages in the work of Anur Hadžiomerspahić throughout the past two decades culminated when the “Human Condition” series was selected by Harald Szeemann for the Central Exhibition of the 49th Venice Biennale in 2001, which Szeemann titled Plateau of Humankind.

In the “Fake Art” series, the artist Anur Hadžiomerspahić uses photo-manipulation to turn photographs into fake oil paintings in order to lay bare the fake nature of today’s values and send a powerful socially engaged message.

The first works form the “Fake Art” series were exhibited in Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2009. The second series from the “Fake Art” opus were exhibited at the Novi hram Gallery in Sarajevo October 2015.

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Anur Hadziomerspahic: Fake Art

Anur Hadziomerspahic: Fake Art