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My work focuses on moments of time, fleeting moments that can be easily forgotten or transformed. My work reflects on rural versus urban life, the accelerated pace of development, and social infrastructure. My works explores the personal and the universal, investigating the invisible systems of power that govern everyday existence.  I  utilizes a multitude of techniques and materials including repurpose objects which it result in mixed media painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography, sound, performance.

 Ultimately, my work is designed to create comfort, peace, and solace. I believes that art can be a balm to the soul, revealing a quiet inner truth. My art is a reflection of the joys of life, directly inspired by rhythm, harmony, and the movement of daily existence.

All the seeds that were preserved to be planted for the next season are all damaged, rotting, and those which survived the season bear infertile fruits. The privilege of past generations has gone. All we new generations are doing is Damaging, taking advantages, mending and protecting what is left.

 We find ourselves in a situation with questions flowing through our veins like blood. Our brains have gone dark searching for answers to questions that have become invisible. How? Where? Who? What really happened? How did we arrive here? What went wrong????

 We are very quick to judge. We are not ready to hear the truth. We are not listening. All the formulas we create cannot solve the problem. We continue making the same mistakes over and over again, but we are still here. We are still stitching A to B, X to Y to Z, no matter how many times they try to push us down. We look for trouble that costs us dearly by sticking our noses into that which does not concern us, by trying to carry the burdens of others, but if we stick to together like glue without blame and assume the part that we all have to play, we shall prevail. We are family.

MATERIALS USED ARE: Cardboard boxes painted with acrylic paints, cut into piece , weaved/ tied with threads and used to create architectural designs.





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