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Architectural Drawing – Giuliana Flavia Cangelosi

Architectural Drawing – Giuliana Flavia Cangelosi.

Giuliana Flavia Cangelosi is a young Sicilian artist in the field of painting, born in Palermo in 1992. She graduated from the “Diego Bianca Amato” artistic school in Cefalù and graduated in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Palermo.

His fields of interest are: interior design, product design, graphic design, urban sketch, architecture study, geometric representation, art and photography.
She is part of the Urban Sketchers Palermo group.

His drawings are a continuous technical and representative research, aiming to carefully analyze the monuments with a strong expressive character. A work in progress ranging from simple sketches to more accurate designs making monuments of real treasures of great geometric and emotional discovery.

Defines the drawing as the key to reading of the inner wold the illustrator. Why analyzing architecture is not just about being able to represent it but to enter its immense world and live it. Enter into its history and discover the beauty of every small architectural, decorative, artistic and theoretical component.
Behind the observation there is a systematic interpretation, an integral knowledge derived from representative, technical, and visual acuity research. But a simple observation is not enough, you have to go beyond visual perception. The image should not only be captured by our eye, but by the mind and especially from the heart.

For the young Palermo artist, pen and paper are the most powerful means of communication. The pen is the marking tool where personality and feeling are projected onto paper. The sign is emotional personification. Where the pen and the paper meet, the emotions meet.



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