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Arman Sultani Art

From his studio in Stockholm, Sweden,  Arman Sultani creates expressionistic abstract works which spontaneous silvery movements with beautiful colours.

He use bright colours, storm contrasts, emotional compositions and dramatic gestures to stimulate the mind, to energise, to give hope and strength to overcome anything.

For Sultani painting is a very personal journey. the paint on his canvas acts like a door to an alternate universe, describing a new world with every brushstroke. He allows himself to get lost in this new dimension. Hes compositions in colour can be compared to musical arrangements. Strong contrasts are blended exemplary and with a superb sense of harmony.

The best thing that could happend is that someone else fills connected to my paintings or response whith a sense of understanding.

Arman Sultani´s work has been displayed in galleries and Artfairs around the world such as Paris, london, New York and Monaco. both as a solo exhibitor and in collaboration with other artists.   His paintings are purchased by  private collectors worldwide.


www.artpeoplegallery | Online Art Gallery | ‪#‎artpeople‬

www.artpeoplegallery | Online Art Gallery | ‪#‎artpeople‬

www.artpeoplegallery | Online Art Gallery | ‪#‎artpeople‬