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ALL AROUND WOMAN – by Marina Startseva

Revisiting Art nouveau style in a contemporaneous spin of her figurative paintings, Marina Startseva often takes woman as her main subject matter.

The “ELEMENTS” collection is composed by woman-FIRE, woman-RIVER, woman-EARTH, imprisoned by roots, and woman-AIR. The “SEASONS” collection by Marina Startseva is inspired by Vivaldi’s music. 12 month and 4 seasons, all reincarnated in beautiful ladies, form this collection. The artist captures characters that are reminiscent of semi-mythical figures and skilfully plays with a perspective, creating beautiful and fluid backgrounds. Working exclusively with oil, the artist uses a lot a palette-knife, combining the techniques of a painter and a sculptor, which helps her to give more structure to the matter and to create deeper shapes. Sumptuous colours of her artworks and their incontestable elegance overwhelm the viewer with their inherent beauty.Winter Marina Startseva Spring Marina Startseva
The Seasons by Marina Startseva
Feu Terre Riviere des Alpes Air