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Art by Adorable Monique

Adorable Monique is a ​U.S. based artist​ ​brought up abroad​.She received art instruction ​in Fine Arts.She has received merit awards and the opportunity to exhibit​ in various venues.She has had the good fortune to be mentored by a renown Central American artist, which has helped enriched her artistic vision. ​Growing up surrounded by different cultures has broadened her overall view of life. She is continuously pursuing success in personal,professional and artistic endeavors as well in the artistic experience itself.​










I focus on the female expression, especially indigenous and contemporary women in their environment and their responsibility regarding the development of their own culture.I also center on the contrast between the human figure and the context of nature.

My art therefore seeks the tangible and the intangible of humanity and the universe itself. It evaluates and seeks the beauty that is around us, in every socio-cultural context and it highlights the most altruistic, noble values of life and from the cultural adheres to the sense of belonging and acceptance that converges on our values and traditions that are portrayed in my paintings,ceramics,murals,illustrations and photography.

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