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Art and Spirituality

Teeyah ( Cynthia Z. Nerette) was born on September 13th, 1974 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


She Graduated from Stony Brook University in Economics and always loved anything that was art related. She discovered her passion for painting after marriage and 3 children.

Growing up, she always had images that came to her but was unable to share their beauty with the world.

That desire was so intense that in 2013 , she finally decided to explore drawing, watercolor and acrylic by taking private lessons with a former student of a famous Haitian Painter, Valcin II.

She draws her inspiration from meditation and the vibrant colors of the carribean.

Her paintings blends her classic training with spirituality. She hopes her art will evoke an awareness of a beautiful reality beyond the physical.

Her goal is to reach the highest attainable perfection and wants her paintings to bring smile,Joy and all the positive emotions to anyone who sees them.

Teeyah had her first Expo in December 2013. It was a success. She sold almost all her paintings.

image image image Sound of SpiritShe really hopes her work touches people’s heart and soul.