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Art By Dutch Contemporary Artist Jessica Hendrickx

Art By Dutch Contemporary Artist Jessica Hendrickx

My name is Jessica Hendrickx. I’m a Dutch Contemporary Artist who is specialized in creating large abstract paintings.

Abstract art to me is freedom. There are no rules, No expectations and there is no reality. The Freedom to create without boundaries. Being able to “color outside the lines”. The freedom to express myself in a way that I would never be able to do with words.

My inspiration comes from everywhere. I look at life with an open mind and I try to see the beauty in all. I’m a creative creature who enjoys experimenting and exploring. Constantly challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone. I play a lot with colors, movements, compositions and forms to achieve something new and unexpected. My work is a reflection of my imagination and my motions. Painting underwater sceneries, imaginary galaxies and fantasy landscapes is what I love to do most!

“I paint the sceneries I fantasize about. These are the places I wander off to when I close my eyes”

For more of my work, please visit my website!

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