Art by Emi Chen

Art by Emi Chen.

Emily Chen is currently a senior digital illustration student at the Rhode Island School of Design. While in school, she is working as a freelance illustrator for Blizzard Entertainment, creating illustrations for a new book about the World of Warcraft universe that is to be published by Dark Horse. Her work has been featured in Kotaku, Society of Illustrators LA, Upworthy, and more. She is an avid believer that positive and diverse female character representation in videogames, as well as increasing the amount of women working in game development, are vital steps to creating a more accepting and tolerant world. In addition to making artwork for games, she also enjoys creating illustrations that educate and inform about important topics relevant today. She is fascinated by the ability of 2D images to convey ideas, and to broaden the perspectives of its viewers. Emily spends most of her days practicing drawing so that she can create paintings compelling enough to convince its viewers to be more charitable to those around them.  or, #artpeople,

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