Art Dolls by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok

Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok is an art doll artist from Russia.

The place where she lives and creates her own magical world now is called Ozolnieki, Latvia (from Latvian – the land of oaks).

Jelena was twelve when she decided to enter an art school. Living in a small Russian village it took hours for her to get there. Nevertheless she never thought of quitting. After graduating from school she chose artistic wood, stone and bone carving as her major at the Abramtsevo Art Industrial College. The skills and knowledge she got during 4 years of studying there made her dream come true, she became an artist.

It was not so long ago when she first found out about art dolls. She made her first doll out of curiosity and ever since then she is in love with this branch of visual arts. Jelena works with wood, polymer clay, papier-mache and other materials. Her dolls took part in internations art doll exhibitions like “European doll art festival”, “Nukukunst”, “Panna Dolya” etc. Jelena’s doll are in private collections in Europe, USA and Australia.

Jelena feels like there’s spark of life in each of her dolls. They all have different characters and unusual stories behind them. And what she likes the most is a magic, which brings adults to the world of fairytale when they look at their favourite art dolls.

Silk worm art doll by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok

“Silk worm” (air dry clay, silk, leather), 94 cm

Tellus wooden art doll by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonoka Close up

“Tellus” wooden art doll (Wood, leather, linen, wire) 89 cm


Tellus art doll by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok

Tellus art doll by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok

“Tellus”, boots

Via Lactea

“Via Lactea” (air dry clay, leather)

Full moon Art doll by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok

“Full moon”

What about me Art doll by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok

What about me?

What about me art doll by Jelena Dashunina-Naidjonok

What about me?


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