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Art is a Lifestyle | E.B.ART

Art is my lifestyle,I cannot imagine my life without art.

I was born in Lithuania 1987 -painting since childhood,started to draw with pencils in 2015. Attended art classes in Riga city.

I taught  myself  portrait drawing by hard work,stubbornness and constant practice.I am still learning every day.

Art is life,and life is both-hard and beautiful.We learn from our mistakes,we keep practicing,we move forward-waiting for our brake trough  moments.

Art is a part of my life, it is my life style-and I will never stop doing what I love.

Dear reader hope you enjoy my art works of actors and singers,tv shows and movies

Best Wishes,Eivydas B.

(E.B.ART)Art is a Lifestyle | E.B.ART

Art is a Lifestyle | E.B.ART

More info: instagram https://www.instagram.com/eivydas_e.b.art/  facebook https://www.facebook.com/gallery.e.b.art/  website http://eivydasart.wixsite.com/eivydasart