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Art of Katerina Trajkovska

       I was born in 1990 in a home filled with art, in the land of the glorious sun and marvelous landscapes, Macedonia. Since very young age I was captivated by the beauty and greatness of the landscape paintings created by my father. That magical world, the freedom of expression, the smell of fresh paint and perfect mess, dragged me into the world of art.

It didn’t took me long to start exploring the colours and shapes, so as time passed by and I had to decide what will be my life proffesion, I chose art without any deep thinking. I always knew that if I have to work something it must be something creative and connected with art. So I graduated at Faculty of fine arts in Skopje, Macedonia, where I studied classical graphic arts and conservation and restoration of old frescos.

Graphic art was my main interest in the years of my studying (2009-2013), where I created landscapes with many details in almost every graphic technique. While I was stydying I used to work for almost 2 years in few churches, painting frescos and in the meanwhile I’ve attended many art colonies in my country.

I love the nature and landscapes, so it is my main inspiration and I would describe my style as a magical realism. In my realm I choose to see beauty everywhere, especialy in the small things and everyday images. I depict the nature in a way and in colours It makes me feel, so I don’t try to be a great master of art but I try to make people feel the emotion that I had when I first started the painting. I love the free expression that the spatula gives to my hand.








In that sense, through my paintings I try to send a message to the people to open their eyes and see beyond what they see… the greatness of the universe and the way it manifests itself in every little part of the nature; to connect back with their roots and to learn how to be one with it.