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The Art of Leticia Banegas

I live in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. It is the most dangerous city in the world, we have to deal with violence every day. It can be a bit nerve wrecking but when I paint, everything in the world becomes right, when I am painting I feel every thing is OK and in peace.

My work is my own pictorial adventure in which “I travel” from tradition, from the infantilism of the “naif” to experimentation, from my family’s past to my personal representation of my own magical inner world. On this journey, I try to create an “imaginary” populated by the magical presence of women who become my pictorial objects, sensitive signs turned into plastic experience with whom I formed what might be called the “style Leticia Banegas” my personal stamp . In a first stage, in which I rescue a basic geometry that suggests a compositional balance and in which I employ color as cardinal form of representation (from their soft tones, to suggestive  hues and finally to the explosion of the palette), as I go through decadent moments to get to express my own “pictorial grammar” always driving the concept of “anima or feminine principle” that has inspired me.

Divina Psiquis

Divine Love

The Metamorphosis of Alope

No Comment

A Ride in the Sky


Ancestral Angels

You can see the rest of my work by following these links:

webpage: http://libanegas.wix.com/leticiabanegas

fb: https://www.facebook.com/leticiabanegasgomez

instagram: https://instagram.com/leticiabanegasart

Twitter: https://twitter.com/leticiabg