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Art Of Line by Tuyệt Duyệt

Khanh here, I keep going to my art. Even the silly artworks when I started drawing, I have them all. I look back through them every so often to see how I have grown as an artist and how I can improve. For me art is a journey and I like knowing where I have been. I try to keep all my work that when I can’t draw, when I think I’m bad at what I do, I look at some old drawing and I became aware of my evolution in drawing. It’s help me a lot for finds confidence again.

It’s just not something I’m given to doing. So today I wanna show you guys something old.

It’s three projects I’ve done, “Fnonymous & Asociety“, “Daft Punk Unchained“, “Saint & Sinner“.

1. Fnonymous & Asociety.



2. Daft Punk Unchained.

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3. Saint & Sinner.

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Hope you guys enjoy it. If you enjoyed, pleas like and share it to your friends for more inspirations.


If you have any questions or would like to collaborate with me.
Feel free to contact me via e-mail: tuyetduyet1992@gmail.com
Be all you can be!

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Thanks for watching!
– Khanh