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Art by Mauricio Garay

Mauricio Garay descended from a family with artistic tradition, Mauricio began to arouse his interest in art at an early age, he sought his artistic guidance from his uncle Carlos Garay, an internationally renowned artist.

Mauricio became a self-taught impressionist and figurative painter dedicated entirely to the realization of his art which is his passion. Highlighting alleys, markets, landscapes and figures, with his colorful palette that range vast color schemes, his work has been characterized by mastering the use of the spatula seen in his paintings.

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Mauricio Garay Art (22) DSC01533 Mauricio Garay Art (26) 

     It is through my work with brushes and spatula  where I find my balance, through art I  express my perception of reality  that seeks to reflect the cultural identity of my surroundings and my roots. It  is through  color that all begins, embracing  life as we grow and gather purpose. In my paintings I portray people, landscapes, parts of the country, etc. as a reflection of  who I’m in my values, traditions and cultural beliefs.