Art By Mihaela Todorovic

My first solo exhibition, named ‘The Dream’, was held in Risan, Montenegro, 20.06.2013. It was held on Roman mosaics, and the Tourist Organization of Kotor helped me organize it.

I also showed my work in Belgrade, Serbia – solo exhibition ‘Magical Beauty’, organized by association Kreativna Fabrika, 12.10.2013.

Also, 09.05.2015. was the day I had a solo exhibition named ‘The Depth’. I presented my drawings; technique: charcoal and chalk.

Six of those drawings were presented on an exhibition within an art festival named DEV9T, held from 8. to 14. of June, 2015. in Belgrade.

Also, I am the winner of the Award for the best artist in 2015. within the project “Dosije Umjetnik” with seven more recognized artists. By that occasion, I took part in collective exibition in January 2016.

I have to say that audience reacted pretty good on my work and that I get really good critics and suggestions of reputable artists.




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