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Art of Miro Yotov

  • The paintings of the artist are taking us in one semi-real world, almost on the verge of the surrealism.

  • He is relating us about his own views of the erotic, trying to spiritualize the female body and to focus on the symbols. His female characters rarely speak to us through their facial expressions, it’s mostly hidden, hinted, because the author wants us to pay attention to the captured body language, to the condition of the figure and to the personalization of the fitted model.
    The paintings of Miroslav Yotov are characterized by the fairy of warm, contrasting and magnetic colors. Yotov said that his ambition is not to create a painting, but a lamp that shines in the eyes of the beholder. Our eye may enjoy the softness of the blending shades while our mind is having fun tending to discover the message of the story. The stories remind us of a frozen moment, of a beautiful loneliness. What happens outside the body in the composition is just its addition, as if the author is searching the balance, the golden mean between the sense of the figure and the impact of this emotion in the background.
    Yotov is not so much seeking the modern, the shocking, the incomprehensible, he is talking to us in a natural and divine language available for anyone and this is the reason why his works are desirable in private collection in Bulgaria and abroad.

Севт 3 50х70 см






touch a dream 110х90 см copy

Слънцето на минувача65 х80 см copy

Руска тройка 300х140 см

Gravity of the moment_oil on linien_80x80sm

Моето въображаемо аз 2 70х70 см



"Nirvana" 160 x100 oil on canvas

Bipgraphical note:
Miroslav Yotov was born in Isperih on July 26th 1977. He is university graduated in Fine Arts Pedagogy from Shumen University “Bishop Konstantin of Preslav”. In 2006 he won first place at a symposium in Shumen with his two-meter sculpture made of wrought iron and stone. The paintings of Miroslav Yotov are shown at student plenaries, in group and solo exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. The light in his paintings has a leading role. They involve stories of ancient and biblical sources, alluded by different symbols. His style is the boundary between classical realism and surrealism.


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