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Art-natomy by Carine Peynaud

I work across a variety of mediums such as design, sculpture, drawing, and bodypainting to create an aesthetic that is at once abstract and traditional. Using human anatomy as my subject, my practice generates critical examinations of the human condition and highlights the body as the phenomenal basis of existence. By focusing on anatomical structures—which consist of flesh, bones, muscles, and blood—I seek to address the fundamental issues of human existence void of gender, race, class, or culture. From this perspective, my existential practice establishes a common ground for the viewer where memories, ideas, sensations, and emotions can flow together like a map, giving birth to an experience both individual and collective at the same time. Through my multimedia explorations, i illuminate the hidden beauty that lies beneath the surface and forces the viewer to reconsider the boundaries of traditional body representations, lived experiences, and the collective social imaginary.

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