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The Art of Painting & Decorating by Bijan Coen Pajouhi


Bijan Coen pajouhi

One of today’s eminent taste makers. Bijan Coen Pajouhi is known for arresting. elegant interiors that meld classical motifs with a modern perspective and sophisticated details. Bijan Coen Pajouhi born in Tehran on 10 Feb 1964 and he moved to Sweden 1987 Bijan Coen Pajouhi received his degree in interior design from university in Stockholm on Aug 1997. He Continued and Founded Swedish Design’s Inc on February 1998 and moved to USA . He’s CEO & President, Sir Coen Pajouhi on 1999 degree in Faux Finish in USA and working on the whole gallery in Swiss, UAE, Italy, Sweden & Iran University and project, an entire house of estate. where he can create a total environment befitting each client’s personality and tastes. He has designed the interiors of numerous luxurious homes and club the Europe, Middle East and other areas of the world. 1: Sculptur,Gallery Art Firooze 2003 Theran 2: Sculptur, Gallery Magnus ,2005 stockholm 3: Painting Design Gallery 2008 Stockholm 4: Seattle Art gallery 2009 seattle /usa 5: painting Art Gallery 2010 Dubai 6: painting & Sculptur , Swedish Gallery 2012 Tehran. 7: painting & Sculptur 2014 , in the Leonardo da vinci Castle, Vaprio D’Adda di Milano. 8:painting Art Musem  2014 SAVIGLIANO, ITALY 9: painting & Sculptur  BIENNAI E ART OF PALERMO 2015  PALERMO, ITALY. 10:painting Expo Milan 2015 Milan. 11: next exhibition NOV 2015 & 2016 in Dubai, USA & China.
By Alex Shaw