Artevo – the mixed media works of Vesa Kivinen

Vesa continues philosophically along similar lines as Kandinsky and Hilma Af Klint in terms of theosophical ideas in abstract form but adds the easily relatable element of the body and our real life process of illumination to it.

Artevo is a process, in which the abstract meets the physical. He states that most of his influences come outside the world of art through being influenced by thinkers such as Ken Wilber, Alan Watts and Richard Bandler.

The cultural editor of the New York Resident Rory Winston has said about it: “‘Witness history as though it were being lived today; and imagine the present through the eyes of tomorrow. The works are a dialogue between three dimensional physiology and gesture coupled with the aesthetics of two dimensional painting that coalesce into a singular object of art.”

“Vesa’s art is amongst the most integrally advanced in the history of Western abstraction – no small claim, but one backed up by the works themselves. Rather than abstraction as a fleeing from life, his works are a diving into the incarnate mystery of human being — direct celebrations of the fullness of Life.”

— Michael Schwartz, Professor of History and Philosophy of Art, Augusta State University, March 2014

blueberry A+Blue+Bed+With+Demons

whiteskin Africa ylitys Murality Venusian-Affair Ananda asabove Bridge-Over-Reason Pre-Life Joy intense Job_1467-1 aspirations Job_0074 A-thousand-close-silences drawtheline hele Job_2768 Warm+Penguins Snow GardenFlower Of Life

Artevo edition 100x150cm Proofsec

Artevo edition

Artevo edition 300x300cm Proofsec

Artevo edition

Artevo edition 150x112cm Proofsec

Artevo edition

Artevo edition 150x100cm Proofsec

Artevo edition

Beginning of a New Era

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