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Artificial forms of Life


I produce works using recycled materials, found objects, wood, glass and through different techniques (drawing, painting, engraving and installation).

Every piece of work reflects and analyzes my research about the esthetic value of natural forms in relationship to artificial products.

 Images of biological organisms are classified and numbered according to the Taxonomy’s classification which is the science of defining groups of biological organisms on the basis of shared characteristics and their evolutionary history.

 The collection of studies and drawings is focused on the theme of “morphosis”. The term originates from the Ancient Greek mórphōsis and means the way an organism changes form during its biological development due to the impact of external factors.

 The tentacled figures may suggest, metaphorically, the dark psychical impulses endlessly disturbing our rationality, leaving us feeling embarrassed towards civilization. They can also be considered as “rebel” elements which pervade pre-constitutional forms of society.

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