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HAD Artist Collective creating Silence memorial for war victims in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The “Silence” artist project began in October, 2015 and it took two months for the artist collective HAD, whose members are an architect Muhamed Beslagic, fine artist Anel Lepic and a street artist Damir Sarac to complete it.

Srebrenica, the place where the crime of genocide was committed during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995 seems to become a subject remembered only annually. The three young individuals decided to communicate with the world sending a message of what happened shouldn’t be forgotten, using the art as their weapon.

To stop the silence that happened in the recent past, they carved the real images of Bosniak victims from that period into the 35 meters long wall. The wall is parted. It has 5 segments, 4 frames and 4 columns that divide the frames. Each frame has its individual story but together they all silently scream to remind people of those who were silenced in Srebrenica. The columns were also used, they carry the number of the victims.

This really is a labor of love and hate, life and death, a story needed to be told. With every blow of the hammer into the wall, a piece of the past is removed to reveal the future. This art, through struggle epitomizes the cultural and political landscape that these works come from. Besides this, HAD shows a picture of the present to the world, since the social, economic and political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is bizarre and no one wants to admit it nor to feel responsible for it. It’s like they’re seeking for help, seeking for answers. The opening ceremony was held on November 19, 2015, without an opening speech, without applause. HAD decided to open it in complete silence, with a peaceful walk in order to pay their respect to the victims once more.

The story of HAD was born from the urge to make changes alone and as a collective, breaking the habits of everyday social struggle. HAD breaks the walls they are surrounded with, and the wallcut technique (concept street art) is the tool for breaking those walls and individual demons. Besides “Silence”, HAD completed numerous other projects and exhibitions.


Silence 1

Silence 2

Silence 3

Silence 4



HAD artist collective