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Artist Creates Origami Newspaper Shirts Focused on Major Topics in World News

Dutch multidisciplinary designer Jetty van Wezel uses simple origami folding techniques to create beautiful shirts from newspaper pages printed with iconic images from news headlines around the world.

Van Wezel’s “Newshirt” art project is a statement against the disposable, throwaway culture of today’s media landscape. “A hasty thing like flipping through the pages of a newspaper is transformed into an urgent moment of concentration.” she explains, “The viewer is challenged to see the beauty of common things and and to reinterpret everyday images.” – newshirt2 newshirt4 newshirt5 newshirt6 newshirt7 newshirt-joquz-1

See more at: http://www.junk-culture.com/2015/11/jetty-van-wezel-creates-origami.html#sthash.YgUr64ZP.dpuf

Via(Visit Jetty van Wezel’s website for more info.) via [Joquz]