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Artist Javier Arizabalo Garcia Creates Stunning Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Artist Javier Arizabalo Garcia Creates Stunning Hyper-Realistic Paintings!

Artist Javier Arizabalo Garcia extraordinary profession shows the enigma of artistic creation. Today, the painter, graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country, occupies a place of relevance in the environment of contemporary realist painting. His work, together with that of a whole new generation of new artists of impeccable workmanship, reveals the way in which realism has managed to transmit new ideas throughout history, mutate and reconfigure itself, transcending the merely representative. “The excuse of reality represents a challenge and an emotion”, explains our artist and adds: “In my practice I need the natural ways in which to hold on.” 

Javier Arizabalo is passionate about hyperrealism. He carries out his works with different techniques, but it is in oil where he finds the most expressiveness, since it allows him to work in maximum detail, understanding the light and the structure of the human anatomy.follow the artist on Instagram

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