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Artist : Kriangkrai Kongkhanun

Kriangkrai Kongkhanun, who studied at art schools in Thailand as well as in Italy, visiting the most important art museums in the West on a trip to Europe, makes a daring attempt to forge a link between the Buddhist symbolism found in traditional pictures and the western imagery of the Renaissance and the 19th century.

The Buddhist codex of ethics conditions his life philosophy and way of thinking. The point of departure for Kriangkrai’s art is, however, the knowledge that negative human traits, such as anger, hatred and selfishness, namely evil properties, are so closely woven into human life that they always resurface from the subconscious.164291_566976919989975_639552927_n 547878_562238743797126_2003686929_n 556979_601248316562835_861818125_n 558504_558914294129571_1593109835_n 1385341_639354379418895_1587838665_n 10898183_865772673443730_8778434251304852799_n 11907183_989528897734773_3231212063472068997_n 11915108_989528974401432_3229687800289607424_n 11924237_989528964401433_4271345465937131965_n 11960220_989529007734762_7224070020423285381_n 11986936_989528967734766_7804802513394866017_n