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Artist Leni Smoragdova made her Performance in the fashion week

Art+transaction+fashion week = show

Art+transaction+fashion week = show

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I love make performance for fashion! The fashion is so good and I love the glamour.

Here are my new art from last night. Fashion, art is my soul, because you have a really freedom without any boundary or routin life. You could change life very quickly – simple person for this moment  and in a min you are a hero of another mistery world.

Art = Fashion = Art
A Few words about art Transaction’ ideas

 The philosophy of art transaction arose as a reaction to the cult of the “Golden calf” of the generations of the 80’s – 00’s, thereby, in the opinion of transaction, put people in the condition of loss of spiritual realities and propaganda “hidden faces”.

This trend was largely influenced by the works of Ericksonian hypnosis / Milton Erickson Milton G. Erikson, 1901 – 1980, and global contradictions of the society of the 21st century: striving for harmony and the loss of moral values, where, according to followers of the transaction, there was a main break. The main purpose of the transaction is finding a balance between the spiritual and the material world.

“Rags, Chicks, Cars” this term created by therapist Kovalev Sergey Viktorovich – was taken by transactioners as the basis of designation of the thinking society of the 21st century.

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