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Artist of the Bayou


John Duplantis is a native Louisianan born and raised in Houma Louisiana located in Terrebonne Parish 60 miles southwest of New Orleans.

Crab Fishing 20X40 Acrylic Dragon Summer 20X24 Acrylic Glamordillo 24X30 Acrylic On the Hunt 24X36 Acrylic The Front Porch 24X24 Oil The Iris 36X48 Acrylic


I started painting and drawing at a very young age (8 or 9 years old). Dolly Duplantis, my mother, is an artist and she imbued a deep appreciation for art. She helped me and encouraged me throughout my life. My father, Wayne Duplantis, and grandfathers Sidney Duplantis and Wilson Domangue Sr., provided me with outdoor experiences that have shaped my love and fascination with the beauty of Louisiana landscape and its architecture. I draw upon these experiences and the emotional attachments to them in order to recreate the experiences on canvas. Lydie Duplantis and Ella Domangue, my grandmothers, also encouraged me as a young child to paint and draw. They commissioned a lot of my childhood paintings, and collected them throughout most of my young career. This turned out to be quite a fortunate thing for me. They provided me with a retrospective oeuvre of my development as an artist dating back to my earliest works. Handed down to me, those images are now windows through which I now reflect and study my growth.