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Artistic Fashion Photography (Expansio Continere) by Daniela Echeverry

Meaning “expansion and containment”, Expansio continere is inspired in a unique specie of tree that grows up in Madagascar island: Baobab.


In damping months, the tree stores water in his thick trunk, in order to survive without water in the next 9 dry months to come.


These outfits talk about growing as a biological process and how the purpose is the containment of water, just like the Baobab tree. Besides, they’re considered as a high couture, due to their delicacy and manual construction.


Besides the tree, these outfits are also inspired in the ceremony awards of the prestigious ballet competitions “Benois de la Danse”. Theatricality is a word key in the making of every garments.


The photographs were taken in Bogotá, Colombia.


Expansio Continere

Fashion designer: Daniela Dueñas

Photography: Daniela Echeverry

Models: Gina Alexandra Perea and Natalia Ribero