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An Artist’s Dramatic Glass Sculptures Depicting Nature

An Artist’s Dramatic Glass Sculptures Depicting Nature

William LeQuier, an artist currently living and working in Vermont with his wife, creates glass objects inspired by the theatre of the natural world and its regular events. His sculptures of sea movements and the aquatic life effuse a sense of complexity and master craftsmanship. LeQuier sandblasts his sculptures in order to mimic the textures of natural erosion and creates sculptures reminiscent of sea anemones, sponges and urchins. The excessive skill required to manufacture such works of art can almost overlook the complexity involved in the manufacturing process which artist K. William LeQuier effortlessly presents.

His sculptures can be found in various famous museums all across the US, including the American Glass Museum and the National Liberty Museum.

cabrioleWhite Water euphoriaPlumeMaelstromCurl No. 5 medusa

Via (Thisiscolossal.com)