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Artwork by AQI Luciano from Brazil.

Luciano Jorge Caldas,   AQI Luciano

Born in June 4th, 1982 in Brasilia (Brazil), at age 4 he moved with his family to Ilha do Governor (Rio de Janeiro), where he resided for many years. Being self-taught, AQI Luciano began his experience art since he was young, encouraged by his family and by his own pleasure of creating. In his youth, he began his contact with the urban art of graffiti through the dawn of Rio de Janeiro. He began his artistic career in 2006 in Vila Velha, a city located in Espirito Santo state, uniting traits and drawings of his childhood with the attitude and techniques of graffiti. Very self-critical, searching evolution in an individual dispute, every job has the words: persistence and dedication as the basis for progress, often using the term “graphic artist” for acting in various areas of art, such as paintings, illustrations, designs, among others. At graffiti, he gained prominence in the works of realism, beyond traditional letters always with a huge range of colors and lines.AQI Luciano 007 AQI Luciano 006 AQI Luciano 005 AQI Luciano 004 AQI Luciano 003 AQI Luciano 002 AQI Luciano 001 untitled