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Assaf basson – creative act – artist


Creator, film director and a teacher for cinema psychology and art.


60×60 cm, oil on canvas

Self portrait

IMG_20150926_094903IMG_20150918_091545IMG_20150821_031341IMG_20150831_111943IMG_20150828_010001IMG_20150804_2237452015-08-26 09.00.40
Multidisciplinary artist combines live video performance with floating cameras, accompanied by music.
Paints with oil paints on large canvases (size 100×100/200×200). Instead of a brush in my hends, I use a plastic cards (credit cards), another possible use for it  to paint the world with real color.
I’m Doing a “creative live act”.
Over the years, I found myself dipping my body in theater, music, cinema, psychology, philosophy, science and art.
My studio, my house, became a television studio with a daily changing scenery created and alternate and tell the story that I can tell without a word. My art is me that i found along the journey which is not over yet.