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Ateliers BriZepierre – The expression of the matter or Klimt’s legacy

               Hervé Brisepierre is a french artist born in Casablanca where he spent his first years, he then discovers France at the age of eight never fully forgetting his nostalgia for a country that had initiated his childhood dreams. Inspired by colors and smells, craftsmanship and contrasting landscape, he finds an unending source of inspiration.

After having explored landscape design, and worked with industrial materials; his acute sense of observation, coupled with an intrinsic respect for nature, leads him to his present means of expression.

His element is wood-this piece he works on that evokes the tree’s life, the very fibre that describes the turn of the wind, the sun, rain and the density of the seasons; the passing incidents of hollowing out and moulding of the trunk.

Hervé Brisepierre likes to say that he does not work wood “the wood works me, I am its vehicle, I encrust myself in its wounds”.

A plank of wood is abundant with transparency, the moiré effect in the tanin, the flux of sap that has made its way. Hervé Brisepierre has sculpted a lot and now returns to the source. He quite simply works on a plank and follows the lines; its exuberance to inlay semi-precious stone, metal, gold leaf, exotic woods and many other materials. It is an involvement with a whole other kind of art, this artist  tries to reveal the hidden secrets and faults of wood, those that tell a tale, a journey.

By this richness and this alchemy, he has re invented the art of Inlay by re activating it-It is by this very contemporary intervention, through a certain freedom and creativity that we are touched by his work.

The natural Matter has been re introduced into the human realm by the artist’s skillful and creative touch, that breathe Life Poetry and Sensuality into this work.


Next exhibition will occur in Geneva, Galerie La Cave, 4 rue Henri Fazy, from March 10 to March 19 2016.

Ateliers BriZepierre

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