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Autism Mom Behind The Camera

With those photographs I want to tell the world how an autistic child feels every day.

He’s being jailed in some mysterious bubble called Autism. Only acceptance and love can set him free and would take him out of his bubble. I’d like to convey my message to the whole world that autistic people are different yet not less … so let’s embrace and give them all the care they deserve. As far as I’m photographer I decided to start my new journey into the world of Autism and establish a campaign in the World’s Day of Autism 2nd when all buildings around the world lit up blue for Autism except my country where Autism Awareness needs a miracle ! That’s why I was determined to do something to raise awareness standards. The Photography session with my son looks like a grief ! Literally ! As one of the Portrait Photography major points to make it success is the eye contact ! And those children with ASD has no eye contact . I turned off my camera 3 times with tears running from my eyes and couldn’t forget that bitter taste into my mouth that was how failure tastes .But I wiped away my tears , holed my camera again and turned music on to let him feels more relaxed .After 4 hours of trials and another 3 of editing’s the results was …

I want to say to all Autism Moms –Never Stopping !Never ! cause it’s not a tragedy you have an autistic child , ignorance is …

you meant to be special-giver for a special-need kid ! so don’t be less than that . and start to make the change .. it’s your choice .

International Autism Day Poster #1

Autism Mom behind the camera

Autism Mom behind the camera

International Autism Day Poster #2