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Bad Dreams

“If we add up the hours over a lifetime dedicated to sleep, it indicates that overall we spend 23 years sleeping and dreaming they employ well-4. We spend a third of our lives sleeping.

But for all this time we have no consciousness, more often than not we retain no memory of our nocturnal experiences. Sleep is not a waste of time but a process, biological and psychological together, useful for our well being and health. All mammals need to dream and the man gets sick or if it undergoes serious imbalances can not sleep satisfactorily and dreaming regularly ”

I mainly draw inspiration from dreams. Sometimes I get up in the morning and precisely what the night I dreamed. More often, though, I prefer to portray moments of anxiety, claustrophobic, in short, those who remain most impressed, and leave you that taste of fear and half-scared just woken up. I know as a concept is strange, but I can, at this period of my life, to depict totally unconnected concepts to each other, but with the same flavor.

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