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Banana STORM


Banana STORM | Bananas in the foreground under different light circumstances.The right combination of the two would give the desired result

Banana STORM | While creating a beach setup in the studio, an idea came up. I thought that this (setup) could be used as a background for a group of photos where surrealism would be the main characteristic. Bananas in the foreground under different light circumstances. Could I by any chance create an illusion of a surroundings interchange of an indoor space? Ten or maybe twenty bananas placed into the sand in various spots could give a sense of depth to begin with. Firstly, lighting would switch from clear to dim and blurry. Then with a few sand thrusts I would create the sense of storm, the sense of sandstorm to be precise. Lastly, I would use a peeled banana, full of pins that would play the part of a cactus in a barren landscape. The right combination of the two would give the desired result.05





I sought to learn  compositing- i learned piano, harmony, counterpoint.

I wanted to take pictures with my father’s SLR – my father taught me the basics in photography.

My first battle was between music and photography – photography won. I worked as an assistant in an advertising studio.

I strove for an education in photography to get a better understanding of my work –  i graduated from AKTO art and Design with B.A Honors validated by Middlesex University.

I wanted to make a start in photography –  i started in 2002 as a freelance photographer.

I wanted my themes not to be on the move – i prefer architectural and advertising photography.

I want the best results for me and for my clients – i use large and medium format in a studio in Athens.

I want to make the images unreal – i learned cgi to give surreal results.

Too much i want, don’ t you think? But that’s the way i want it!