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Bandage Portrait | Kai Nagayama Photography

Bandage Portrait | Kai Nagayama Photography.

An emotion that is so raw; whether it is sheer happiness or an uncontrollable anger, is something I consider a very beautiful feature that we human beings have. There is nothing artificial about it, or nothing is wrapping it like a mask. This series I named as Bandage Portrait is to explore the state of emotional destruction and resilience. It is so easy to be ignorant to your own feelings even though you are aware of them. I believe that every single person (if not most people) has their own stories that force them to bring out strong feelings and I wanted to photograph them to show how beautiful those emotions are and that it is okay to express them. I have photographed six of my friends in this series and as I was listening to the story of the each person, I was inspired to see how strong and resilient they are and that I would have never found out the parts my friends usually never show.