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Barbara’s Realism Canvas Paintings

Landscape, Animal Paintings. Very colorful and pleasant to the eye.

I paint with recycled Paint. Most people would call it mis-tinted house paint. I paint a lot of custom order paintings for those who want their vacation painted.

I am also a recording Artist My recent album is called “Forever and A Day” Written and Performed by myself.

To put my Artwork in a description of 100 words is almost impossible for me. Although I have been an artist my whole life. I have touched many lives with my work.

I have murals in the 4 corners on the country. Nashua. NH being one of them. This is also visible on my website.The Resting Seagull Seagull in the sun Moonlight seagull

Blue heron on Canvas Freehand painted by Barbara Andrews

Blue heron on Canvas Freehand painted by Barbara Andrews

Bristol at Dawn bristol beach road runner painting


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