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Bats – Katyushka Creatures

We are Katyushka Dolls – the marriage of Katarzyna and Jacek Anyszkiewicz from Gliwice, Poland.

Our dolls and creatures are fully handmade, made with polymeric resins and synthetic fur.
Katarzyna creates sculptures, paint castings and finishes them, Jacek makes molds, casts and photographs.
We hope that soon you will see our work also in a children’s books and short films using stopmotion technique.
Our last work – series of different bats – you can enjoy in the gallery.
Every our creatures can be found in the nearby forests, however, they are very hard to find for someone who don’t have enought imagination.
You can visit our Facebook site to see our other work.
Polar bat

Polar bats Vald Vald Vald Baby Vlad Fatty Vlad

Vlad by Katyushka Art Dolls

Vlad by Katyushka Art Dolls