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BC – Bonvicini&Casolari surface and textile design studio

BC – Bonvicini&Casolari surface and textile design studio

BC – Bonvicini&Casolari is a surface and textile design studio based in Bologna, Northern Italy. The company is composed of Sofia Bonvicini and Francesco Casolari, two professionals that have been friends since their university days, at the Faculty of Architecture in Ferrara, Italy. The expertise they develop belongs to different, yet related professional fields: Sofia is an architect and designer and Francesco is an artist. Their aesthetic research merges to create a unique and irresistible style: a kind of hyper-figurative and colourful pop chic with easily recognisable graphics. Together they faced high-level projects characterised by an artistic reinterpretation of design, as their hallmark is to create a prototype mixing art and design. They also boast an extremely refined line of pocket squares. They reinterpret the symbols of the modern world in a cheerful and self-ironic way, turning the lifestyle of young people’s culture (such as the golden Casio, comics or sushi) into patterns. They believe in the Italian quality both as a cultural point of reference and as technological process, thus creating a design product that stands out for its high quality and research, and with which the user can identify.

https://www.sofiabonvicini.com/  | https://www.francescocasolari.com/https://www.facebook.com/bonvicinicasolari/


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