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BEAUTIFUL CERAMICS BY Burzhak Ceramic Art. We are 2 Friends, one is BA in Graphic and the other MA in Painting, making ceramic dishes with underglaze painting.

Our work, mostly in medium-range ceramics, expanded beyond painted surfaces, Burzhak frequently mixes historic images used centuries ago by old ceramics manufactures  with paintings and textiles into a variety of scenes and patterns.

Burzhak creates Clever planters, mugs, bowls, and other vessels through a mix of hand-building and wheel-based techniques.

We love colors and patterns. We like to sculpt tiny images, paint weird freckles and we challenge ourselves to try out new fun things all the time. From the biggest vase to the tiniest dish, We put love, thought and effort in every single piece we create. As each of our items is made entirely by hand, each is unique and has it’s own quirky little personality. Handmade ceramics are never perfect. We believe it’s an important part of their character. 
We hope you will enjoy our ceramics as much as we do creating them! 
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