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BEAUTY IN NATURE | Anna Vidal Crespo

BEAUTY IN NATURE | Anna Vidal Crespo.

My name is Anna and I am a biologist who lives in Barcelona and is passionate about art. Experiencing and creating art truly fulfills me.

This work started a couple of years ago when I found myself collecting sticks, leaves, stones and other natural materials I would fall in love with. Without consciously looking for it, I started to establish a deep relationship with nature like I had never done before. The contemplation of a falling leaf, of a blue sky or of the array of colors, shapes and textures in nature are all sources of inspiration to me.

With my work I seek to put together art and nature because it enables me to establish a much deeper connection with the land…To become much closer to it. I also aim that my pieces serve as an instrument that helps open the eyes of the viewers to the beauty that exists in the natural world. https://www.instagram.com/nusk_art/


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