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Beauty within Simplicity | Food Photography

Since I become a photographer … I was reading ..noticing and watching many interviews for lots of famous photographers they advising audiences is to be specific about photography and specialized in one style …

in order to be more a successful photographer by focusing on one category … for instant be portrait photographer or Landscaper or wedding photographer or fine art , Macro photographer ,etc … it sounded to me at first like you’ve have been given a blended of a blossomed beautiful flowers bouquet and you take one out and throw the others from the window !!! Tulip , Rose and daffodils are all flowers !! every one has it own beauty ! Beauty can’t be limited can’t be counted can’t be chosen ! Human eye can see beauty whiten everything … however I believe that creative eyes does ! there’s kind of photographers , artists , painters has a deep bliss vision that can visualize subjects within the mantle of their creativity!

I believe when a big shot come out and wins tens awards because it’s been captured at the National Park or Niagara water fall doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than the one I can take in my kitchen or anyone can does !!! cause it’s not about you should have everything but it’s about making the best of what you have in most artistic way possible!




Veggie Flower

Broccoli Plate

Cherry Plate




Glowing Strawberry

Lettuce Hlaf

Kiwi with special lighting


Ice Cream