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Before The Sun Fades

Nearly one year ago, I began my journey in photography with the 365 project.

I intended to use this project to improve upon my technical skills and broaden the depth of styles in my portfolio; I have now touched upon conceptual, surrealism, levitation, portraits, architecture, landscape, and street photography. Recently, the project has become so much more than a platform for improvement, as I have really developed a ‘feel’ for my style and a love for a particular category – street photography.

Street photography has proven to be the most difficult. It is nerve-racking trying to capture a genuine moment all the while hoping to evade discovery by the subject of your photograph. But it truly is so much more than that; one single image can capture an entire story. With less than 50 days left in my 365, I decided to create a mini-series within my project focused on photographing moments at sunset. It is quite interesting to photograph at dusk, a moment when day and night meet eye to eye and pass by so quickly it is easily taken for granted. I see the world at dusk as painting or a vintage photo, hence the photographs that are exhibited here.Empty Handed



Sunset LoversLife in the Fast Lane