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Behind the portrait by Aira

The key, the main concept of art as I see it, was never designed for the amusement of the viewer, but rather a relieve, an expression, emotive emancipation.

Choosing the basis, the material, the carte blanche is just as important as the final result. Something already used, awoken for a new purpose, something with a touch of time, occasionally even trash, or old newspapers – all these things have their own specific charm, given to them by time and primary purpose. The natural feel of threadbare cardbox is much more compelling than a new, cold, clean paper. I am not looking for freshness. I am not looking for innovations. Mixing realistic drawing with emotion-filled expressive painting, merges with the young, fresh faces on the old, shabby, surviving material.

There is not much harmony involved. It is simply not enough. The contrast of techniques, materials and concept creates a barely rational, but very perceptible conflict that is much more charming, exciting, engaging. Something that could be watched for hours, quietly drowning in your own idea of what‘s behind it.

Conflict means communication. Communication means people. People, faces, personalities, character, history, interpretation… It lets the mind flow. I have always found portraits capturing.75