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behind the glass

MY vision of the autumn leaves behind the window.

I like autumn and his subtile melancholy.

I like the gentle drizzle.

I found all this right outside my window: someone tells this is not PHOTOGRAPHY, these are only elaborations, just digital post-productionl… This is what I minded and this is what I have done with the help of DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY too.

In 1981 I become professional photographer reserving part of my study to photo/graphic exposures, opened to professionals and amateurs. In the ’90 I begun to use the computer ( the mythical Amiga 2000 © with equally mythical DeLuxe Paint ©) for my own graphic elaborations and animations and in ’92 I have been elect honorary associate of the Photographic Circle of my town. My elaborations have been published on two successive editions of the SIAF Yearbook (Italian Professionals Photographers Association) and on some reviews of field, where I have published some technical articles also but i like not only elaboration: I think every technique must be used according to the message !!!2011-Oltre il vetro 10 2011-Oltre il vetro 08 2011-Oltre il vetro 06 2011-Oltre il vetro 04 2011-Oltre il vetro 03 2011-Oltre il vetro 02 2011-Oltre il vetro 01