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Beniko Choji | Japanese Paintings

Beniko Choji is a Japanese painter who is located in Saitama, Japan.

She has actively had many exhibitions in and around Tokyo since 2014 after her graduation of art university. She became one of very popular artists and her art works quickly sold out at her exhibitions at department store galleries. She is a member of the Naive Art of Japan and has received many awards from it.

She wants to paint a human like figure with internal emotions and a quiet expression rather than a portrait of people.

Here is her artist statement.

People seek warmth unconsciously and dispose unhappy emotions. We can lough and are able to feel happiness because we have had opposite emotions in the past.

I am hoping each viewer will complete my work with his or her own feelings. I am painting a human figure which has a narrow void that the viewer can fill that space with own emotions to reflect himself or herself.






Promotional  Video: https://youtu.be/Fhq1cutAj7I


Deep Inside


For Whom


Not To Be Awakened