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BePo | Believe in your dreams


I`m from Austria, Father, Musician, Hobby-Photographer and someday maybe a Digital Artist.

I’ve always been like a dreamer,with many images in my head. Since a few years I am working intensively with Photoshop and therefore also with Photography. Now it is possible to implement so much, Images previously existing only in the mind. And it makes so much fun. There are so many idols all over the world who inspire me, to learn, picture for picture, to get better. Belive in your dreams, then they will come true someday. That’s what I always think. I hope you enjoy it and maybe inspired my work, other people!

far away

far away

BePo | Believe in your dreams

look to the light

summertime,BePo | Believe in your dreams


I`ll get you,BePo | Believe in your dreams

I`ll get you

it`s magic,BePo | Believe in your dreams

it`s magic