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Besixdouze: Creation Process by Dennis Gatz

Besixdouze: Creation Process by Dennis Gatz

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Besixdouze by Dennis Gatz

Besixdouze is a reference to 46610 Besixdouze, an asteroid named after the home of “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

This was a lot of fun to create. It started with an impromptu photo session with model extraordinaire, Izzy, while she was visiting.

First, I sketched the universe around her image. This was to create the framework of her reality and especially to let the vessel design congeal from the minds-eye. It’s crudely done because I was excited/impatient to get into the work as soon as possible.

sketch, dennis gatz

Sketch of Besixdouze concept by Dennis Gatz

dennis gatz, izzy, fish bowl, composites,

Izzy looking into the light and fishbowl footage

The only raw footage I used here was Izzy herself, a cinder block, and a fish bowl provided by my friend Nettik. The rest of the composition was created in Photoshop.

The galaxy background was created by using the noise filter. I squeezed out the low and high levels to form the stars. Stars are always a great opportunity to create Easter Eggs. Thereafter, I rendered some clouds to build the nebulae.

The asteroids were built using a custom shape brush. This was followed by painting in the highlights and shadows. Thereafter, I used the cinder block (and noise) to create the rock textures.

Next. I built the Kino (top left) using the same cinder block and spherizing it. The glowing LED tracker was inspired by the show Black Mirror. It appeared in every episode of Season 4 and I found it simple yet quite elegant.

Finally, I built Izzy’s vessel. This was the most time consuming part but my favorite. The base was built with a mixture of the ellipse tool and shading. I included the same LED tracker as (fingers crossed) a visual exposition device. The Kino and The Vessel are from the same creator; same home. The glass body and helmet was composited from the fish bowl.

science fiction, space travel, dennis gatz, izzy, asteroids,

Izzy’s vessel for Besixdouze concept by Dennis Gatz

Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin were handy in providing the pace, mental rush, and fuel to complete this.

( https://dennisgatz.com/post/169215242780/izzy ) (www.instagram.com/dennisgatz) (www.facebook.com/dennisgatzphotography)

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