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Biosphere 3,14

Biosphere 3,14

Eryn’s obsession to decode a mysterious phenomenon she recalls experiencing several years ago is slowly moving forward. When she receives a message from another dimension which force her to relive previous episodes from a different perspective she remembers a certain object. This starts a chain of supernatural events and Eryn believes  that her discovery will question reality.


Kasper Christiansen
A Copenhagen based photographer with passion for image crafting in films and stills
 With focus on story and detail, a background in graphic designer, Countless hours spent with a camera and in various programs, I have refined my work and the knowledge to make it stand out from the crowd.

And the pay off … Creates Value For Off- And Online Media.

https://youtu.be/Tty9ahOcx_0 (Shortfilm) http://www.kasper-christiansen.com/ (Portfolio)